• Why Your Next Lover Might Be A Sex Doll

    Yes, your next Lover might be a sex doll, going by the latest happenings. You might ask why we say that, and we will answer you; the rate at which sex dolls are being manufactured is alarming, and even more, the rate at which the sex doll manufacturing technology is advancing. Warehouses are cropping up in many parts of the world to take up the demand, and the sex dolls that are out in the field may be catching up quickly on the number of women. Ever wondered what will happen when the number of sex dolls equals that of women? It will only mean one thing, as many men as are out there own a sex doll each, at least. And at that point, it will be easy to say that your next Lover might be best sex doll.

    What Sex Dolls Can Do

    Over time, the uses of sex dolls have been adjusted to fit into several phenomena. At first, sex dolls were used for the mere gratification of sex. Sex doll owners took pride in harnessing the full enjoyment of sex dolls by engaging in all manners of sexual activities with them. For people who had an issue landing a girlfriend, the silicone girlfriends came in handy. For those who had extreme sexual fantasies and fetishes, the stunning sex dolls were at it again. What about those who wanted to add a sparkle to their otherwise boring sex life to make it more exciting? Well, again, the sex dolls were the best choice.


    The world of sex doll has since evolved, and the uses of sex dolls have since expanded to unimaginable lengths. It is now more accommodating and more of outside the closes compared to before. Also, sex dolls have now become companions on top of sexual partners. Men and women alike are finding it easy to have a sex doll at home to go back to after a long day. It is now different because it does not necessarily involve sex; just the thought that someone is waiting for you at home and that you can talk to them and they can listen is more than enough. And this might keep getting better, or so we think.

    Realdoll have made their way slowly into the bedrooms of married couples, and it is now a welcome idea. Married couples are using sex dolls to ignite the otherwise dim flame in their bedroom affair, and judging from the blogs around this topic, and the sex dolls are working wonders yet again. If a sex doll can become acceptable to a man and a woman who pledged to remain faithful only to each other, then they can surely land anywhere.

    Think about the growing sex doll brothel business. It is already spreading fast, and such brothels are emerging all over the world. Men are so intrigued by the fact that they can have sex with a sex doll as long as they want and whichever way they want and get even better service as compared to the sex workers who come with numerous restrictions and demands. Most men now will tell you that they would rather go to silicone women rather than the real women.

    Away from the drama, away from the tantrums, and away from relationship issues, people now prefer the sex dolls because they are the most faithful partners, and they give them their freedom to do so much without feeling caged.

    Reasons Why Your Next Lover Might Be a Sex Doll

    In the near future, there is nothing that your girlfriend or wife can do that a sex doll will not be able to do. To begin with, manufacturers are now fitting the sex dolls with artificial heaters that make their temperatures and those of real women feel just the same. You will, therefore, not have to struggle to heat your sex doll manually, you dive in, and it is just warm already!

    The next batch of sex dolls will be made into your desired looks. This is already being done with the customized sex dolls, but it will get even better because sex doll manufacturers will be able to design a sex doll into given looks that feature certain celebrities and models. At this point, if you wanted to date a celebrity, you have her as a sex doll; and maybe then, all your fantasies will be fulfilled.


    Imagine a sex doll care kit that has emotions and facial expressions, and then top that up with a look you love from a given personality. This is where the sex doll industry is dragging us to. Sex doll manufacturers are now producing sex dolls that are fitted with artificial intelligence. The same things your girlfriend or wife does will be common too with the sex dolls. They will be able to smile, maintain eye contact, make other facial expressions, and better still, be able to have the memory retention of the things you do together to the point of holding a conversation with you and even remembering what you talked about before!

    That said and done, you will agree with us that men and women will not find a reason to believe that women and sex dolls are different, since both of them will do the activities in their capacities.

    In a Nutshell

    Many people will argue that the direction that the sex doll industry is taking is scary, if not life-threatening. We beg to disagree, if it ever gets to a point where women are all taken, let it be just okay for the man child to buy his best pick for a sex doll and take home to love, laugh with, and find companionship in. If you are lucky to find you a girl that has all the qualities of a sex doll, go for it. But if you have to wait a little longer, it is still okay to take home a silicone girlfriend as your next Lover.

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  • Do not be led into thinking that the ball stops at buying a sex doll for yourself. The truth is, just like a woman needs a lot of service to remain in good condition with the salon sessions, the spa sessions, manicure and pedicure among others, the sex dolls also have to be treated nicely and taken care of for optimal performance and service.

    Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

    Unlikea car or house whose maintenance is done periodically, your sex doll does not have to wait two weeks for you to perform the tender love and care on it. On the contrary, servicing and taking care of the maintenance of your sex doll is supposed to be an often thing, most every after you use it, or even occasionally when you are not using it. The advantage of regular maintenance on your sex doll is that you will be able to notice any upcoming defects so that you can work on them early enough before the damage grows. Get all the tips of taking care of your sex doll here.

    Maintaining Your Sex Doll

    With time, you will realize that your sex doll’s maintenance happens almost on every stage of interacting with It, and not only when having sex or bathing together. Here are the various stages in which you have to observe gay sex doll care.

    Upon Delivery – Opening

    The tender love and care for your sex doll begins upon you receiving it for the first time. The way you carry the package has to be specific, and the way you open the box has to be even more carefully done. Open the box carefully, avoiding the use of sharp things like knives or razor blades. If they accidentally touch it, your sex doll’s tender skin is ruined. Follow all the given instructions and all will go well.

    Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

    On Cleaning the Sex Doll

    Here, all protocol has to be observed. Cleaning your sex doll requires warm water and detergents given by the manufacturer. This also applies to when bathing with your doll. The difference comes in when you either have a silicone sex doll, or a TPE sex doll. While silicone sex dolls can stand hot baths, your TPE sex doll will instantly lose its firmness and start to melt away in your tub! None of this is reversible. You will have lost your fortune and may need to lose more money to get another. Again, following instructions is vital. Do not use soap made from vegetable oil at all!

    After Bathing – Routine

    After bathing your sex doll in the required water temperature using the required detergents, you will need to wipe her with an absorbent towel and ensure 99% of the water is off her body. Some people will prefer to oil their sex dolls in which case you can only use oil that has been recommended by your dealer. In most cases, however, you will be required to powder her entire body with regular baby powder so as to retain her softness. Do not use oils that are made from vegetable oil please.

    Cleaning The Orifices

    For the sake of oral and anal and vaginal sex, because it involves penetration, you will need to clean up your doll by way of flushing out the content. After flushing, you can use tampons to absorb the extra moisture and water to leave the area dry as new.  If you have the removable orifices, you are a lot luckier.

    Dressing Your Sex Doll

    Here, you have to consider your sex doll material. Silicone is okay to be dressed in any kind of clothes as long as they are not loose colored. With the TPE counterpart, you have to stick yo white clothing; the soft skin stains fast. While stain removal is easier with silicone sex dolls, it gets worse with the TPE sex dolls.

    Having Sex With Your Doll

    You need to have sex with your doll as you would your woman. Treat her gently and avoid roughing her up; we know she does not feel pain. Rough sex wear your sex doll over time and maintenance becomes quite expensive. Some effects of roughing up your sex doll wigs are almost irreversible. Use the required lube in The required way and you will be sexing her for longer. You may turn her over in all positions, but it has to be in a gentle way.

    Are Sex Dolls High Maintenance?

    Storing Your Sex Doll After Use

    Appropriate storage measures will ensure your sex doll storage case remains in great shape for longer. Do not keep her in a folded position for too long; she will wrinkle up and may remain like that longer or forever even. The best way to store her is to detach her head and store it separately and then hang her up in a way that distributes her weight evenly through her body.

    Most Importantly…

    Do not use any form of alcohol on your sex doll. The same applies to any forms of solvents and oils that are vegetable or silicone based. These tend to wear out your doll fast.

    Yes, Sex Doll Maintenance is Expensive

    From the warehouse sex doll repair staff, abusing your sex doll, I any way, poor storage, and poor cleaning lead to faster wearing out for your sex doll. Some of them get to a no-repair point and you end up having wasted so much money. At first, it will be okay to just use some glue to patch up your sex doll, but gradually, the silicone or TPE material wear out and leave the dolls looking saggy and unattractive. In conclusion, the most important thing to do is to follow the instructions you get from your dealer from the moment you lay your hands on your sex doll.

    Make it your personal doll and not everyone’s and you need to opt to treat it like you would your woman. After sometime, it becomes easy to do maintenance on your sex doll if you make it a routine procedure. Just think of the money you spent on purchasing your doll and all comes flowing through.


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  • As soon as you get into the category you will see the photos of these hot sex dolls and then you need to have to select the best a single for oneself as per your have to have and then go ahead. This is a tiny difficult as this is like looking for the ideal gold coin in a box complete of gold coins. Cleaning your doll right after sex.

    You must ask for discreet delivery of your sex dolls. Why to let others know of your fantasy?

    She invests the vast majority of her totally free power in the volleyball court, so you recognize that she'll have the choice to hold you firmly amongst her thighs as you push further and extra profound inside her. It's all about getting her hot and sweat-soaked vagina and armpits simply, think about it now. To such an extent that she's beginning to get wet.

    Practical Weight and Pressure – Just like a actual girl, make her grab your waist so that you get the feeling! The stress and weight will make you really feel like you are cuddling a real lady! The male sex dolls have been aligned to have the weight and feeling of a genuine lady by the skilled makers of these dolls who have been refining their process for a considerable length of time.

    How lengthy will a dildo satisfy you? How long will these tiny tiny pussies that you make to fuck employing a bottle satisfy or that glory hole on the door or wall that has no one particular on the other satisfy to pleasure you aid you out. Well these are all old approaches which are old and redundant as the new craze among the youth and the elderly are sex dolls, nicely a sex doll is generally a doll that is made to give you ultimate sexual pleasure. There are male, female and shemale sex dolls offered on the online markets these days that can assistance you out in this.


    We are living in a planet exactly where there are a lot of STDs taking place to folks who have a habit of experimenting with a number of sex partners. So in order to stay away from any variety of the STD a sex doll is the ideal and the safest option that one particular can get. You need to realize that sex is not just a onetime play as it's a lifetime enjoyment. They can very easily be stored in your closet or wardrobe as nicely and they will not even complain and when they are completely clothed no one even will know it is a doll used for sex.

    It can be assured that milf sex doll is no dream. They are real, and always seeking for a new lover. These thick bbw sex dolls may well have the face of an angel but think that she's no sweet little lamb. They are knowledgeable lover who has grown bored of the numerous men in her life and now desires to settle down and spend her days in the bedroom pleasing her new man. Here we will dig through couple of very best issues about chubby sex doll.

    G cup tits of women are the most amazing breast size, rounded with suitable shape and beautiful, which can match with hot realistic waist. It is essentially an best blend of a genuine beauty. Their attractive g cup tits are delicate for shaking and enjoying, you will in no way discover different tits ideal for enjoying like these. Their completely inherent body enables them to represent their self in all way you will need, you teach, they comply.

    This enterprise fundamentally tends to make sex dolls that are affordable and human-like utilising materials that are appropriate for the environment and human use. A substantial portion of the TPE sex dolls are created applying TPE materials, having said that there are situations of silicone sex dolls relying upon the buyer needs.


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  • HENRY is tall, dark and handsome, doesn’t answer back and is always up for sex. Only thing is he isn't real, he's a male sex doll.

    Increasing numbers of British men - and women - are secretly seeking companionship with sex dolls and robots, and recently more than one in ten Brits confessed they would romp with a sex robot.

    By 2020 the sex toy industry will be worth an estimated £38 billion, with sex dolls one of its fastest developing products, costing up to £15,000 a pop. But is sex with one of these boy toys plastic fantastic – or a bit of a flop?

    I'm a firm believer in women owning their sexuality and experimenting with new ways to reach the Big O, so surely male sex dolls are just the next step in our search for ecstasy?

    As the courier handed over the enormous box, I gave him a cheeky wink. It had ‘sex doll’ boldly written on the front, so it wasn't exactly a secret what was inside.

    I ripped open the cardboard and was stunned to see that the doll, which costs approximately £1,200, doesn't come fully formed but with the sex doll torso, penis and head all separate.

    I must admit I felt a bit like a twisted crime scene investigator piecing together a dead body.

    The silicone head was a nightmare and kept springing out of place. I kept thinking of that Exorcist scene where the girl's head spins round then vomits everywhere. Not a turn-on.

    It took about 15 minutes to put the doll – which I'd nicknamed Henry – together, then I tried to stand him up.

    It was a struggle as his body was so rigid, in the end I just plonked him on my sofa so I could examine him properly.

    His feet had no 'bones' so his toes just wiggled about like jelly, his legs and thighs were slender, his arms muscly and his insanely-ripped abs would put the Love Island boys to shame.

    Good body but I wasn't too keen on his face. His piercing blue eyes, plump lips and boyband-like hair was extremely feminine. Not my cup of tea.

    They were veiny, one looked circumcised and the other wasn’t. I picked the thinner, non-circumcised one.

    To attach it to the body, you just click it into the hole in his groin - I imagine if someone was riding him quite hard it could easily pop out.

    The willies were silicone so they were soft, but with a rod going through them. They don’t vibrate but you can bend them into different positions. I found that a bit soulless.

    I must admit, I struggled to get in the mood for sex with Henry. It was challenging. I probably should've watched porn first, which might have helped.

    Getting jiggy with Henry is no mean feat. I put my back out trying to manoeuvre him around – not the sort of thing you'd want to go to the doctors about.

    He weighs 61kg, which means the only feasible sex position you can do is cowgirl.

    My favourite position is doggy. I think you could probably try it, but you'd need to tie his arms back so he's not going to fall forward and crush you.

    Henry's silicone doesn't feel anything like skin and if you've not hoovered he'll attract every speck of dust imaginable. Again, not sexy.

    He felt very cold and smelled of rubber, which isn't very nice. I could only really compare it to a cheap sex toy.

    We only had sex for a couple of minutes and I certainly didn't orgasm.

    It got to a point where I thought, I'm doing all the work here. Unless I give myself gratification, I'm not going to get any. So I kicked him off the bed and took matters into my own hands.

    I'd been looking forward to reviewing the doll for months, but the wait was not worth it.

    I'd rather get my vibrator out than faff about putting him together, cleaning him and picking my preferred attachment – setting up a Henry Hoover is quicker than this doll.

    I'd recommend getting a custom-made doll that looks more like your partner, and it would be great if it could talk. I know some dolls can recite poetry to you.

    There are other ways Henry could be made better, like if the willy was able to vibrate.

    As it is now, it would probably be cheaper - and just as enjoyable - to get a blow up doll and attach a sex toy to it.

    I think male dolls have a long way to go before they offer value as a sex partner; it's lifeless, emotionless and stone cold.

    It doesn't compare to an actual man at all, it's like sticking a sex toy to a something that's been outside in the freezer for two hours. A heating system would be nice, then you could cuddle up to it.

    I'd give it a two out of 10, purely because it's a good story to tell friends.

    Stick the vibrators ladies – at least for the next 5 years.

    Meanwhile, we previously spoke to a couple who pitted Wilko's 'Viagra' against the top brand.

    The sex doll was sold by yourdoll.com.



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  • Living with a doll

    Change clothes

    As a doll lover, dressing for your doll is a daily task, so you must learn the skill. Dress her in a sportswear today, swimsuit tomorrow, and so on. When you choose very fashionable clothes for sex dolls, you need to pay attention to the size of the clothes. Because love dolls are close to the perfect shape body, so we usually choose small and medium size for her. Dressing also requires some skills. When wearing a underwear, you need to lie flat with the doll, bending the knees and aligning with the crotch. Put underwear on thighs, raise her hips and pull it up. Wearing stockings for a doll in the same position will be very smooth. Dressing  for your doll can be a little tedious at first, but for a long time, many doll owners think it’s an interesting thing.

    Take a bath

    The feeling of staying with loved ones is very special. That’s the way to cure the fatigue of a hard day’s work by staying with your love doll. How does it feel to have sex with a doll in the bathtub? It’s quite different from being in bed. It has a different feeling than usual.

    After bathing, please wipe and spread baby powder all over her body. And do not get water into the doll neck metal connectors, which may cause rust in the water inside the doll skeleton.

    Also, the feet of the standing doll are also metal. Please dry them well.

    Sleep with your doll

    After all, Sex with dolls is an unavoidable topic. Please enjoy with a love doll while leaving the normal position, back, sex, facial cumshots, oral (mouth) dressed to play (cosplay) desire. Yourdoll sells sex dolls made of TPE and silicone. TPE sex doll feels softer, while silicone love doll feels tighter. You can also experience for yourself the differences between the two materials.

    After a twist, you can sleep with her in your arms, with her hands in your hands, or even with her breasts. It’s better to heat love dolls with an electric blanket in winter. Vagina USB heating rod is also very convenient to use.

    Playing with a doll

    Taking photos

    Another great pleasure for sex doll enthusiasts is taking pictures of dolls. Like a gentle father who guards his daughter’s growth, he peeps at his children through the camera. This is another kind of pleasure. Buy new clothes for the doll, choose new wigs, pose for the doll, and then take pictures. If the model is good, pressing the fingertip of the shutter will be more exciting.

    If it’s spring, it’s under the tree. Summer, on the beach, with sunglasses and straw hats. In fall, they went to the red mountain to appreciate the red leaves. In winter, go skiing with dolls. If you take some inadvertent scenery in daily life, it will surely become a family memory.

    Be cured

    There are many examples of people cured by love dolls. If there is a lovely woman waiting for you to go home, you want to go home earlier. Which celebrity doll would you like to wait for you at home? When you are tired, when you have unhappy things… Say nothing and hold the doll tenderly.

    Although the doll can’t speak, it can communicate with the soul. Enjoy a happy conversation in the virtual world. Yourdoll sex doll’s beautiful face and soft skin are our pride. Pillow your knees and act like a spoiler.


    Date a doll

    life size sex doll (2)
    life size sex doll (3)
    life size sex doll (9)

    Have you decided on your next vacation date? Planning for a date with Love Doll is also part of the fun of Love Doll Life. Realistic love doll is a real girl! She aloso want new clothes in the spring. And she want to try even sexy things in lingerie. Do you willing to buy the clothes? It’s a matter of provocation! The disappointing mood will affect the nightlife. At first, I have the courage, but I put my love doll on a wheelchair and enjoy shopping. Do you not challenge to date outside? If you get permission in advance, you can get almost OK from the resort or restaurant. You can watch the DVD together slowly in the room, or you can play and tell the room date. Let’s deepen our bonds.


    How to

    Where are our sex doll made?

    YourDoll, headquartered in LA, USA, is a regular agency for wmdollyldoll, ordoll, sedoll and other brands. Products have been exported to North America, Europe, Japan and China.

    We have studios in Shenzhen, China to develop new materials, technologies and sex robots. Most of our products are manufactured by factories in Zhongshan, China. Quality assurance makes us deeply loved and trusted by customers.

    The dolls manufactured by the factory are shipped after strict quality inspection by the company.

    Tips on purchasing sex dolls

    At present, many Chinese sex dolls are in circulation all over the world. Unfortunately, there aren’t many regular brand sellers like YourDoll. Many large shopping websites use official brand images to sell inferior sex dolls at low prices. There are countless such bad businesses. Some products use recycled materials that are harmful to health. Therefore, newbies need to be vigilant about that sex dolls selling at very low prices. They are threatening your health.

    YourDoll has a sex doll showroom in LA that shows our latest sex dolls. In fact, you can feel the dolls and pick them up on the spot.

    What is TPE?

    The main materials for sex dolls are Silicone and TPE. The softness and touch of skin made of TPE materials are closer to real women.

    TPE is softer and feels closer to the human skin than Silicone. The TPE hollow structure breasts can be close to women’s breasts patch and touch.

    Breasts rubbing feels soft and tense. You can also using TPE to make mini sex dollstorsosebony sex dolls and so on. Enjoy her proud breasts!

    If you have more questions, please refer to the FAQ we prepared for you.

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